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Can you believe the first month of the year is almost GONE? Time flies, so I hope you’re making every day count and planning how to WIN this year strategically. So in this blog, you’ll learn FOUR BIG IDEAS to actually achieve the goals you set.

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30 Day Roadmap

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Save SO Much Time Responding To Emails

How To Save Time When Responding To Emails When I first started my business, I was inundated with emails from prospects, current clients, family, friends, and collaborations. I found myself literally wasting an incredible amount of time just going through my emails. If you do your entire onboarding process manually, this can get extremely tiring Read More...

5 Tricks to Get More Online Reviews

Do you have a ton of happy customers, but very few online reviews? You’re not alone. Many small business owners are in this exact same position. But, online reviews are still very important. This is because they are the online version of word-of-mouth marketing. Thankfully, it can be easy to get more reviews for your brand.

What Support To Expect When Starting A Business

Type Of Support You Should Expect When Starting A Business A lot of times I go into these Facebook groups or other platforms online and see people asking about what type of support they should expect. Should they expect family members to be on board with it? Should they be discouraged if their family is Read More...

Why I Thought Mindset Was Total B.S (& I Was WRONG!)

Why I Used To Think Mindset Training Was Total BS My entire life I have been a realist. I was never a super pessimist but I was never really an optimist. With that, I was always focused on action. That was my biggest thing especially in starting a business. I wanted to take action. I Read More...

Why Traditional Marketing DOES NOT work on social media!

Why Traditional Marketing DOES NOT work on social media! If you are a small business owner posting consistently on social media, but does not get a lot of likes, comments, or followers, the reason most likely is because you are trying to use traditional marketing on social media. Why Is Traditional Marketing No Longer Effective? Read More...


How Can You Own Your Prices? Owning your prices for your product or service is a common problem that a lot of new entrepreneurs have. They have a service to sell and have some expertise with it. They go to sell it and they realize that they don’t know how much to sell it for. Read More...

Google Ads VS Facebook Ads (Which Is Best For Your Biz)

Google Ads VS Facebook Ads If you've ever heard of paid advertising or pay-per-click (PPC), it  basically means that you are paying money to platforms like Facebook or Google to take your advertisement and put it in front of more people that you would never reach if you did it organically. Organically means not paid Read More...


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