Social Media Marketing

The most powerful way
to market your business.

Social media is way more than just a place to post dog pictures. Over the last decade, it has become THE way to market your small business with extraordinary success.

How It Works

Social media marketing can be extremely powerful to get in front of your ideal audience. However, without the right audience, offer, content and funnel- you could easily be throwing money away. We are hands-on and work with you to create content in a way that is irresistible to your audience.

Some Of Our Recent Results...

47 new, qualifed leads at only $3.19 a lead!

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Pricing & Packages

Content Management $500

For those looking to build their social media presence
    ✔️ One Social Page Setup
    ✔️ Dedicated Account Rep
    ✔️ Custom Branded Content
    ✔️ Scheduling of All Posts
    ✔️ Monthly Post Promotion
Lead Advertiser $1000
Monthly + Ad Spend

For those looking to generate more leads online
    ✔️ One Social Page Setup
    ✔️ Dedicated Account Rep
    ✔️ Monthly Reporting
    ✔️ Social Ad Management
    ✔️ Daily Lead Delivery
Ecom Advertiser $1500
Monthly + Ad Spend

For those looking to generate more sales online
    ✔️ One Social Page Setup
    ✔️ Dedicated Account Rep
    ✔️ Monthly Reporting
    ✔️ Social Ad Management
    ✔️ Online Sales Notifications

Just Looking For Something Small?

Get Quick Posts to Get Started

For $199 a month, we’ll repost content from your favorite blogs to your feed!

Get Your Social Profile Set Up

For a $250 fee, we’ll create & publish everything your page needs to shine!

Why Disrupt Ordinary?

Knowledgeable Experts

Our experts know the ins and outs of social media. We understand what you need to do to get results and we are here to help you do it

Constantly Learning

Social media changes fast. That is why we are constantly researching and learning new tactics and methods to bring you success.

Optimize for the Platform

Each platform is different. Depending on your business, industry, and preferred level of involvement, we will suggest the right strategy for you.

No Bots

We do not use bots or sketchy automation tactics to grow your following. Everything that we do is 100% manual and 100% safe.

Quality Content

Our content is designed to catch your audience’s attention and provide them real value so that they keep coming back for more.

Get Results

Our #1 priority is to get you the results that you are looking for. We work with you closely to analyze your goals and map out how to help you reach them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What social media accounts do you deal with?

When it comes to our monthly, managed plans, we have found that most of our clients find the most success through advertising on Instagram & Facebook. However, we do offer one-time setup plans for other platforms as well. 

What type of businesses would benefit from this?

We work with many different businesses in many different industries. From retail, to online coaching, to advisors, to small mom and pop shops, nearly any business can benefit from social media marketing.

What should I expect month to month?

Month to month, you should expect a steady increase in your brand awareness, leads generated or both (depending on chosen plan). We send you monthly reports to show progress.

Is this the only service I will need?

The short answer is-it depends. For some industries, social media marketing can generate fast and easy results. For others, it requires more time and trust building. Contact an expert today to find out the best path for you!

What results can this get me?

The results with social media marketing can be remarkable. While no results are guaranteed, we have seen clients generate double or triple their revenue just through social media.

Use the best advertising platforms on the planet.

Facebook and Instagram are THE way to go when it comes to social media marketing. With an immense number of active users, a powerful advertising platform and a focus on an excellent user experience, these platforms can bring your company to new heights.

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