Episode#25: How to Blog the Right Way

In this week’s Diving into Digital podcast, we’re teaching you how to blog the right way! In this day and age, there are probably more blogs in existence than you could ever have the time to read, and there is a reason for that! They can work wonders for your marketing strategy...if they’re created the right way. So, how will you know when and how to properly write blog posts? We’re here to tell you!

Episode#24: Old Age Vs. New Age Marketing

In this Diving into Digital podcast episode, we compare the differences between old age (outbound) marketing and new age (inbound) marketing. Did you know that the technological advances made in the marketing industry have made old age marketing far less effective, if at all? Consumers expect different marketing tactics, which is why we are giving you all of the information you need to throw out your old age marketing tactics. It’s time to change your marketing tactics, and we’re going to help you do just that!

Episode#23: Five Things that are Ruining Your Marketing

In today’s show we are discussing the 5 things that are ruining your marketing strategy. You may think that you have everything locked down because you have a website and social media accounts set up, but it takes a lot more than that to attract paying customers. In this episode we will teach you what people commonly neglect in marketing their business. Avoiding these pitfalls is not as hard as you think and will pay off big time by attracting more customers who will spend more money on your services.

Episode#22: What Content to Create on Social Media

Social media can have a huge impact on your brand’s image. This impact is the reason it’s important to know what content you should be creating for your business’ social media pages. In this Diving into Digital podcast episode, we discuss the best ways to improve your business’ credibility to gain more clients. You will hear a breakdown of the best content to post on each social media platform so you can better utilize them. We even cover what type of content to post, what times you should post, and other great tips! Are you ready to become a social media expert?

Episode#21: Nailing Customer Retention

In this week’s Diving into Digital podcast we are taking a look at the importance of customer retention in growing and maintaining a successful business. Making sure that customers return for repeat business is vital for subscription-based services but is also extremely important for non-subscription-based services as well. The heart of retaining customers is first and foremost making sure their experience is the best that it could possibly be, but that is not the only tactic you should employ to keep customers coming back for more. Join us this week as we dive into how to improve customer retention.

Episode#20: Day In the Life of a Digital Marketer

In this Diving into Digital podcast episode, you get a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of a digital marketer. Christina shows you what her workweek looks like as a digital marketer and gives you some background on what a digital marketer actually does. She also answers 10 of her most frequently asked questions from her clients and friends. Hear about why you shouldn’t go to college to get a marketing degree, the worst part of being a digital marketer, and so much more in this podcast episode.

Episode#19: Digitizing Your Documents

In this week’s episode we teach you about the importance of going digital with your documents. Digitizing your documents will not only declutter a lot of your space, it will also save you massive amounts of time that you spend digging through filing cabinets looking for paperwork. Digitizing your contracts, records, and receipts makes finding specific documents so much faster and there is even software out there that make going 100% digital easy as pie.

Episode#18: How to Take Amazing Photos for Social Media

In this week’s Diving into Digital podcast episode, we discuss the importance of photography for your social media pages. You will hear how a great self-portrait can help you be more trustworthy and can potentially lead to more conversions. If you are a little camera shy, there’s no need to fear! We also discuss how to take photos of buildings, places, and products. Pay close attention, because you don’t want to miss out on any of our tips on how to make your social media pages come to life!

Episode#17: Project Management

In this week’s episode we discuss the importance of project management and project management software. This is one of those things that you don’t know you need until you find out about it. Project management software will help uncomplicate your business and make your company that much more efficient. This episode covers Asana which is one of our absolute favorite project management systems. With it you can track progress, communicate with your team and provide more structure to your business. If you ever wonder if your business could be more efficient we are here to tell you yes and show you how.

Episode#16: Which Facebook Ad is Right For You?

This week, we are discussing Facebook, one of the world’s largest advertising platforms. Facebook has many different ad campaigns and objectives you can choose from, and it can get pretty confusing. In this week’s Diving into Digital podcast episode, we clear up any questions you may have about Facebook’s Ad Manager. You will hear an overview of the many different objectives that Facebook has to offer business owners. We also provide all of the information you may need to decide which ad objective is best for you.
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