Episode#23: Five Things that are Ruining Your Marketing

| by Christina McQuilkin

In today’s show we are discussing the 5 things that are ruining your marketing strategy. You may think that you have everything locked down because you have a website and social media accounts set up, but it takes a lot more than that to attract paying customers. In this episode we will teach you what people commonly neglect in marketing their business. Avoiding these pitfalls is not as hard as you think and will pay off big time by attracting more customers who will spend more money on your services.

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Top 3 things you’ll learn in today’s episode….

  1. Learn how to be more specific in what you are offering.
  2. Know as much about your potential clients as possible.
  3. Set yourself apart from other businesses offering similar services.

Timestamps to Help You Along:

[0:53] – Digital marketing works but it is difficult
[1:45] – Your products and services are a mess
[2:25] – Be specific in what you are offering
[3:23] – You have no idea who you are marketing to
[4:17] – Knowing as much about your potential clients as possible
[4:59] – You have nothing that sets you apart
[6:00] – you aren’t sending your customer on a proper journey
[7:37] – You are not tracking what works or doesn’t work


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Episode 23: Five Things That Are Ruining Your Marketing

Hello, my beautiful people! Today we are going to be talking about the 5 things that you are not doing that are ruining your marketing.

So I work with a bunch of business owners and have found that, by the time they get to me, most of them have already tried a lot of digital marketing efforts. They have created a Facebook page, they are reaching out to people on LinkedIn, they have created their elevator speech, and maybe even have throw some money into advertising, all with no results.

So I find that a lot of them have this negative connotation towards digital marketing, thinking things like “it’s all a scam” or “it just DOESN’T WORK.” But the truth is that digital marketing does work, it’s just hard. Digital marketing is an entire profession where people spend years and years researching, growing their knowledge base, and testing out the best methods and softwares out there. Yet, for some reason, so many people out there think that just because they are a small business owner, they are also a marketer. They think, “Oh, send out an email? I can do that! Build a website? I can do that!” When, in reality, it is SO much more complicated than it sounds.

Now, when I first start working with a client, I ask them a ton of questions, and I analyze whatever it is that they have previously done. From there, I can normally identify what it is that they have not done that is making it so they don’t get results. And specifically, I have noticed the 5 things that we are going to talk about In this podcast today.

So let’s get into it.

#1: Your products or services are a mess.

  • So, when we specialize in something, we tend to think we own that industry. We can do it all. So for example, if you are a photographer, you can likely do a lot of different shots – headshots, business shots, wedding shots, and so on. But when someone asks you, “What type of photography do you do?” how do you answer? Is I, “Well, I can do this, this, this, this, this, this, this, or even this!” Or is it, “I primarily do wedding photography, but I also do portraits as well.” Because this makes a big big big difference. You need to be able to explain exactly what you do, what you specialize in, how you can help, and exactly what it costs. Otherwise, you will lose leads.
  • So 3 steps here for you.
    • 1st– identify the core services that you provide.
    • 2nd– Define the exact price and scope of work that goes into each and every service.
    • And 3rd– Identify the core service you want to focus on.

Because when it comes to marketing, everyone thinks they do everything. But the ones that find the most success are those who niche down on something specific and get terrific at that thing.

For example, have you ever heard someone recommend a restaurant to you and say, “They have the best wings In town!” They aren’t necessarily saying that every single item on their menu is phenomenal. But because they put extra focus and care on those wings, they get more customers.

Now let’s move onto

#2: You have no idea who you’re marketing to.

  • So this kind of fits into #1 as well. If you are going to niche down on something specific, you need to identify the type of person you are going after. Because if your entire menu is vegan and you decide to niche down on chicken wings, well that wouldn’t really work out too well for you. So, you have to decide what type of person you want. And before you write me off and shut this podcast off, this is important. This is so much more important than you think.
  • You see, working with financial advisors early on in my career gave me a lot of insights into things like this because 95% of the financial advisors I would talk to would say, “Well everyone needs a financial advisor. I can help anyone with anything.” And I heard it over and over and over again, and you know what? The majority of those with that attitude never found success.
  • Just think about it like this. Think about your best friend. You know so much about them. You know their age, their gender, their job, you know what they like, what makes them happy and what they are struggling with, what makes them sad. So, if you needed to create an ad to target your best friend, could you do it? Do you know what they want? What would make them click on it and take an action? Probably!
  • So it’s the same idea when it comes to your audience. Yeah, you don’t need to know what they had for breakfast this morning, but you should know as much about them as you can because it will give you the ability to market your business to them properly and effectively.

So let’s talk about #3: You have nothing that really makes you different.

  • Now, that sounds harsh, I know. But today’s business world is harsh! Businesses right next door to you do exactly what you do. And some of them have more money to spend on marketing or they totally undercut your prices or their customer experience blows yours out of the water.
  • So how can you keep up? How can you get a prospect to choose you instead?
    • You need to be different. And if you listen to my podcasts I talk about this often. But it is just so incredibly true. Enough with the “we care” or “we have 20+ years experience in the industry” or whatever other thing that isn’t truly unique. You need to find something that your competitors DO NOT do that you do. And if you do that, you’ll find marketing automatically gets a million times easier. You’ll find that people start to notice you. But if you don’t, you’ll keep on swimming around in the shark tank trying to compete for all the other little fish that everyone else is competing for.

Now lets move onto…

#4: You are not sending your customer on a proper journey.

  • So, you have a well defined brand, you know what makes you different, and you are starting to get some people to notice you. But, then you realize, no one is turning into a customer. So why? Why all the traffic and none of the results? Because you are not bringing your customers along on a journey from Point A to Point B. So, for example, the other day I am scrolling through my feed on Facebook and I see a great example for a new weight loss company called Noom. So I click on it, and it sends me to a page with a button, “Get Your Personalized Plan.” So I click on it, and it’s a quiz that asks my name, email, age, weight, height, about my lifestyle, and at the end it comes up with a personalized plan for me, telling me that if I am here and I want to be here in 6 months, all I have to do is XYZ. Then, there’s a clever button under that – “Get Started.” That brings you to a page where you can easily pick your plan, put in your credit card info, and get started. And just like that, they get customers.
  • But if you noticed throughout this entire journey, there was always a next step. They never sent me to a page that just ended or said, “Hey give us a call.” The journey you send them on has to be super super easy. And I actually talk about this concept in several of my podcasts, so if you want to here more, try my recent ones, podcast 21.

Now #5: You are not tracking what works and what doesn’t work.

  • Oh my goodness, this one is huge. You cannot throw money into something without tracking to see if it is working or not! I mean, this is literally the cool thing about digital marketing, it’s that you have the ability to see every single piece of the puzzle and what’s doing the best and what’s doing the worst. So make use of these metrics!
  • I actually have an entire podcast on analytics, podcast number 12, where I tell you a bunch of things you should be tracking on each and every platform. So if you aren’t yet, this is one of your biggest downfalls. You really need to tart tracking, and once you find some areas that aren’t doing well, test and tweak them until they are.

Now if you fix these five mistakes that you are making, I am positive that you guys will see better results and start to realize the true power that digital marketing can have on your business.

That’s all for now. Until next time, have a great week!

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Host: Christina McQuilkin

Christina McQuilkin is an expert brand strategist, consultant, and the founder of Disrupt Ordinary Marketing. Obsessed with all things digital, Christina helps small business owners to craft content and strategies that focus less on "the sale" and more on the unparalleled value that we can bring into the lives of others.