Customer Relationship Marketing

Customers are the cornerstone of every business. Without them, the business couldn’t function. So, why do so many companies ignore one of their most valuable assets?

Improving the customer experience should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts.
You should show the customer not only why they should value your company, but why you value them. After implementing a few simple tactics, you’ll be well on your way to acquiring every business’s favorite type of customer: brand loyalists.

customer loyalty programs

Customer Loyalty Programs

Your customers want more than a transaction- they want a relationship with your brand where they feel special, invigorated and valued. If you want to thank customers for being loyal to your brand, you may want to consider developing a customer loyalty program. By offering elite incentives, you can acknowledge your best customers and give them a reason to keep coming back for more. At Disrupt Ordinary, we work with you to hand craft the perfect program that will keep you, your business and your customers working together in happy harmony.

Referral Building

Referral Building

Out of all of the marketing tactics, referral building is definitely not one to overlook. Having a happy army of advocates for your brand can generate you more business than you may ever have been able to otherwise.


However, businesses often make one detrimental assumption- that customers will automatically refer others to them just because they did a good job. Give your customers a real reason to refer a friend or family member to your company and you will be surprised at the impact it can have.

Strategic retargeting campaigns


Ever wondered why you see an ad for a flight deal after you visited an airline website? Well, that’s a type of retargeting. Strategic retargeting campaigns allow you to do two very powerful things: up-sell your current clients and target “hot leads” with content that you already know they are interested in.


Once you confirm that someone has an interest in a particular service that you offer, you can deliver content that nurtures and ultimately encourages them to buy.