When it comes to maintaining a growing and successful business, you have a lot on your plate. Amidst all of the heavy-duty decision-making you have to plan while focusing on both present and future goals, there is bound to be an area that could use some fine tuning of an expert third party.


The root of consulting is identifying possibilities—taking a look at what you’re doing now, coupling that with where you want to go, and strategizing new and innovative ways to get you there. Though it seems like a simple concept, it takes the right team to identify the points of growth for your individual business and get you on the right path to that next level. These are some of the ways that we can do just that:

Business & Marketing Audit

Business & Marketing Audit

When it comes to getting a complete, cohesive look at your business, an audit can bring the scattered pieces of the whole into a clarifying focus. Think of it like a game of chess, but instead of us simply telling you how to win, we’re going to discuss the strengths of your board, the role of each of your pawns, and how to calculate and recalculate your moves to suit the game as it changes.


The key is examination—an exhaustive analysis of influences both within your organization and in the world as a whole, delivered to you in a way that is useful and easy to understand. From task environment to marketing productivity, we’ll leave no puzzle piece unaccounted for. At Disrupt Ordinary, we’re able to provide you with a systematic breakdown of your organization’s high and low points, so you’ll know exactly where you stand. Giving you a clear understanding of your current place is the cornerstone on which strategy is built, and that’s our main objective.

Marketing Plan Creation

Marketing Plan Creation

Out of all of the planning that you have to do for your business, your marketing plan is one of the most important strategies you will ever put together, and we’ve got the tools to get it done right. It isn’t enough to simply sell to customers—you’ve got to create a brand presence, a resonance that they carry with them. Consumers want to be engaged with, and they want to put their hard-earned money into something they believe in, to feel passionate about the brands they buy from.


Our team takes it from the basics of pinpointing your target market and exploring the industry you’re breaking into, all the way to seeing how you’ll stack up against your competition and laying out your specific advertising moves across platforms. It’s all converted into executable maneuvers and tailored to your company’s individual needs.


Business consulting consult calls

Hourly Consulting Calls

They say there’s an answer to every question, and we will be right beside you to field your every inquiry. Say you’re deep in implementing your marketing strategy and you need some feedback to ensure that you’re on the right path, or you’ve run across some snag that you simply didn’t foresee. Give us a call and let us talk you through it.


Consulting calls allow us to be your tailored support system start-to-finish and to see you through exceeding each of your goals. The customization of our services doesn’t end in presentations or documented plans of action; it serves as a lighthouse all along your own unique track to greatness, supporting you through every move you make.