Defining My Brand

Episode#11: What Makes the Perfect Logo

In this podcast we give you 8 simple steps to ensure you end up with a fantastic logo for your brand. If you think about it, every extremely successful brand or company has a highly recognizable, unique, and memorable logo. Your brand should be no different. It can seem overwhelming but the 8 steps we cover in this episode will help to put your mind at ease and make it easier for you to go about designing a logo that will best suit your brand.

Episode#1: Finding Your Voice

Small business owners, management professionals, and aspiring marketers listen in, I’m about to give you some quick tips to make the most out of the ever-growing digital marketing world. Each week, during my Diving Into Digital Podcast, I’ll be talking about different strategies to make your brand known across the web, to help you bring in new customers, to streamline your daily operations, and so much more. Join me in fast-tracking your business into the future, as we dive into all things digital!