Business Development

No matter how great a marketing strategy, a business can only benefit from the customer traffic it is able to accommodate. Poor communication among staff, unreliable correspondence with clients, and a shortage of well-trained employees are issues which can make your marketing efforts less effective. Disrupt Ordinary offers solutions to ensure that your business is operating efficiently, before we work toward boosting your incoming traffic.

Disrupt Ordinary CRM/Project Management Training

CRM/Project Management Training

Having a go-to process for Customer Relationship Management as well as Project Management guarantees that no potential customer gets lost during the rapid flow of daily operations. We offer software and training to get your team on the same page at all times. Do you find that your staff often misses or comes too close to deadlines? Is it difficult or hectic trying to follow up with prospects? It may be time to consider implementing a universal system that tells employees what needs to get done and when.


disruptordinary CRM/Project Management Training

Training Process Creation

“I didn’t know that was my job”- it’s one of employers’ least favorite responses when something fails to get done. If your management team is constantly forced to explain job functions and micro-manage work quality, they’ll lose valuable time that could be spent nurturing prospects and delighting customers. This is all a matter of defining expectations to new hires from the very beginning and keeping an up-to-date collection of employee materials. We specialize in developing these materials and outlining a careful training process, which ensures that your employees will be well-prepared and have the resources available to answer their most common questions. Stop reiterating the dress code to your employees and start focusing on developing other, more important parts of your company.


Marketing Strategy and Solutions

Structural/Organizational Development

Sometimes a business takes off so quickly that you have no time to redefine the internal structure. While it may have been ok at one point to have your accounting person handwrite paychecks at the end of every pay period, this tactic will not scale well. Whether it’s automating important tasks or establishing primary contacts and a chain-of-command, having a well-thought out structure can streamline workflow. Get your employees to their answers as quick as possible and keep similar tasks within the department that is best suited to handle them. If you don’t give the appropriate consideration to this aspect of your business, it will surely negatively affect your bottom-line.