Brand Discovery

Build a brand that inspires.

Building a successful brand involves a lot more than a quick logo. We help you to define the vital aspects of your brand that will move your audience and make them want to work with you.

How It Works

At Disrupt Ordinary, we know that defining the important aspects of your brand are crucial to you finding success online. When you work with us, we start off the process by learning about you. We find what makes you tick and what truly matters to you. Then, we transform those values into a cohesive plan of action to get your audience excited and ready to work with you!

Pricing & Packages

Brand Discovery
    Our experts work with you each step of the way to build a brand that speaks to you and that your customers will love.
    30 Minute Consultation Call
    Preliminary Development Questionnaire
    Initial Audit of Website, Social Media & Search Presence
    Receive Your Full Brand Messaging Report With All Applicable Components Including:
    • 3 Business Name Ideas
    • 3 Business Tagline Ideas
    • Word/Phrase Specifications
    • Vision & Mission Statement Outline
    • Core Values Outline
    • Detailed Pricing Sheet
    • Description of Core Offer
    • Development of Customer Persona
    • Basic Competitor Research
    • Specific Digital Marketing Suggestions & Recommendations

Rather do it yourself?

Get our 10-page Brand Discovery Guide! We cover everything from picking your business name to defining your customer persona to researching your competitors. Just click the button below!

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Why Disrupt Ordinary?


With years of experience, we have the knowledge needed to help uncover the strengths of your brand. We also know which of those strengths will yield the best results for your brand.


We know you need a well-defined brand and you need it quickly! You can expect to receive your final report back in under two weeks so you can start showing your brand to the world!


With some of the most creative minds in the industry, we will create brand messaging that is exciting, memorable, and truly resonates with your ideal audience.


We have no “cookie-cutter” brand messaging at DOM. Each plan tailored just for you. We are all different and talented in our own way, let our team discover what sets you apart.


Our reports are very detailed. You can expect to receive a final product filled with easy-to-implement steps, real-time data and insights into your company and industry.


Each report ends with a synopsis of everything we uncovered about your business and gives you actionable tasks to implement to showcase your brand to the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the brand discovery package work?

The Done-For-You Brand Discovery Package is a hands-on process meant to help you discover all of the messaging that defines your brand. We know all of the questions, prompts, and concerns that come about when defining your brand. We are here to help you discover these important elements.

What is included in the report?

After discussing with you, our team gets to work developing your report. It will contain a ton of information including name & tagline suggestions, word and phrase specifications, your vision & mission outline, an outline of your core values, a sheet that details your offering and pricing, the positioning of your core offer, a completely developed customer persona, research about your competitors and a full section with suggestions and recommendations for your brand.

Why is brand messaging important?

Your brand messaging is arguably the most important part of finding success for your small business. It defines who you are, what you do, who you can help and how exactly you can help them. Without having these things crystal clear within your business, it is much harder to attract prospects and to ultimately generate more sales.

Do I still need brand messaging if I don’t sell a product?

Yes, absolutely. Often times when we sell a service, it is even harder to build up trust and gain loyal customers. That is what makes brand messaging such an important aspect in your overall marketing strategy.

How will this package help me to grow my business?

When you have a well-defined brand, you are then able to understand the best methods for selling your product or service. Without a well-defined brand, people often find themselves marketing in circles and wondering why it is not working.

When will my report be delivered?

From the time you order your package to completion, it normally takes our team around 2 weeks. We want to ensure that we explore your company in depth, take our team and provide you with something that is truly valuable.

Get noticed.

Your brand messaging is the first step to a truly successful business. Once you define who you are and why your target audience should care, you will be well on your way to generating more sales.

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