The DOM Story

Disrupt Ordinary was created by Christina McQuilkin from a painted-chipped desk in her bedroom on Long Island. What started as a one-woman branding company quickly evolved into a powerhouse team with experts in many facets of digital marketing. Today, we use these different skills to bring our clients online and help them scale to their full potential.

Hundreds Of Thousands

That’s how many marketing agencies are in the U.S alone.


So- what makes us different?


Well…to be fair, we are all different. Everyone is different. Every business is different. But, that is what makes us all so incredibleThat’s what fuels what we do at Disrupt Ordinary- taking our differences, extracting the things that make us so unique, and then using them to craft strategies that help entrepreneurs accomplish far more than they knew they could.

You see, a lot of marketing agencies tend to carve out a specific plan or system that is “guaranteed to bring in results”.


But, at the end of the day, what works for our business may not work for yours. Why?

Because your goals are different. Your services are different. Your employees are different. Your vision for the future is different. That’s why everything we offer is structured in a way that can be tailored to your needs and your business. 


Now, think about the biggest, baddest companies in the whole wide world. They have all learned to take that one element, that one genius aspect of who they are and put it in front of others to enjoy. It didn’t matter if they started at a kitchen table. It didn’t matter if they had a lot of competition or started with only a few people in their network. What mattered was that they knew exactly who they were, knew exactly what they wanted and knew that eventually, they deserved to get there.


So, now its your turn.


Do you want to start growing your business the way you always imagined you would?
Do you want to drop the dull, stuffy, “cookie-cutter” strategies for something truly original?
Do you want to actually disrupt the ordinary?


We’re ready when you are.

The DOM Method

Want to build your business?
The perfect strategy consists of three different important elements…

Define Your Brand

Building a memorable brand requires you to define your brand’s message, design beautiful visual elements and tie it all together with awesomely printed marketing materials.

Optimize Your Platforms

To properly market your business, you have to optimize core platforms including your website, social media pages, email marketing system and organizational softwares.

Market Your Business

Ready to get your business out there? Methods like search engine optimization, social media marketing and content marketing help you to attract and convert your ideal customer.

Not sure where to start?


Check out our comprehensive and customizable small business marketing programs.

Small business owners work hard. They deserve to focus on their trade and next big move, not on how to keep the customers coming in. We work to eliminate the stress, fuel the passion and make this a true reality.

Christina McQuilkin, Founder

Let’s see if we’re the right fit.


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