A Send-Off that Brings Them Back: 10 Email Signature Marketing Ideas

| by Christina McQuilkin


If there’s one digital branding format that has stood the test of time, it’s email marketing. In spite of everyone’s inboxes being inundated with ads, most people would choose email over any other means of company contact, to the tune of nearly 80%. Beyond that, folks who may have stumbled upon your brand by way of another channel spend over 100% less than those prompted to shop via a promo email. Do you hear that “cha-ching” sound? We do.


Getting there, however, is more than just throwing sentences together. Embarking on a successful email marketing campaign requires one primary focus: mastery of the written word. You’re likely to spend a lot of your time strategizing subject lines that will bump up your open rate, paragraphs that turn readers into conversions, and even snappy one-liners to best showcase your personality. All of that is a solid start, but how much thought have you given to the finish?


Email signature marketing is a brilliant way to make the last thing your target audience sees the most important, but the concept itself may seem kind of new to you. It stands to reason that a proper signature tells the reader precisely who you are and might give them bonus ways to contact you through website links and social media handles. What else can you tell your prospects about you?


In short, the answer is anything they may need to know. That being said, there is some strategy to getting it right, and we’ve compiled a list of 10 suggestions to help drum up your signature inspiration.



10 Signature Marketing Ideas at a Glance:


1. Advertise Your Successes – It’s a great feeling when you get the word that your goods and services have made a real difference in the lives of your customers. You know who else would love that feeling? Your future brand fanatics! Including a link to a particularly poignant testimonial or case study in your email signature can help illustrate that you’re the real deal, and that’s an important trust-building step.


2. Bolster Your Blog – For all the time you spend creating mind-blowing blog content, it would be amazing if you could draw in more readers and get them excited about your brand. Why not throw a blog link in your send-off? Not only will that help you educate the masses on whatever important topic you decide, but it will also bring them directly to your website, which could have them clicking around your goods and services as well.


3. Get a Little Face Time with a Video – Video is the marketing wave of the future, eclipsing many other content formats in customer popularity. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s totally personal, so it might be time for you to jump on that train with your email signature. The best part? You can link to a short video about virtually anything your brand has to offer. Maybe you want to introduce yourself, offer a how-to on using one of your products, or simply entertain with a two-step routine (we won’t judge). Whatever you do, show them who you really are!


4. Got News? Let ‘em Know – By and large, people don’t usually scour the web for press releases and company updates. They find that stuff in the news or on social media, but why risk them not seeing your organization’s latest news because they’re too busy watching cute kitten videos? Delivering your announcements directly to their inbox at the close of a killer email can keep them engaged, letting them know what’s new with you right now.


5. Give Them an Inside Look – We’ve touched on how video is a great way to open a door to the more personal side of your business, but it’s certainly not the only way. Drawing up a company profile or highlighting members of your team that make a difference is another excellent choice for email signature marketing, as it allows customers to make a human connection with your brand that is so important.


6. Why Not Offer a Webinar? – If you’re a small business owner or a department head, you’ve undoubtedly got a wealth of experience under your belt. Have you ever thought about combining video and expertise to make your own webinar? Pick a topic that provides real value to your target market, teach them what they need to know, and end your emails with an invite to download it.


7. Feed Them a Freebie – Some people say that nothing in life is free, but we’re willing to bet that those people are still tempted by a no-cost offer. If there’s a free tool you can leave with your customers after they’ve finished your email, consider doing it. Depending on your industry, this could be a coupon, a workbook, or even a podcast download (if that’s your thing). Everybody loves getting something for nothing!


8. Promos are Promising – So, maybe you’re rolling out a new program or initiative, and you want the public to be involved. This could be useful for raising awareness more than driving sales, but in the realm of email signature marketing, those two things can go hand-in-hand. Pro tip: try making a promo video to capitalize on this attention-grabbing content style, and leave them wanting more right where they are.


9. Leave Them with a Place to Land – Yes, putting a link to your brand’s website in your email signature is a great first step, but some might say that a landing page is even more effective for this style of marketing. For those who don’t know, a landing page is usually a standalone part of your website and is often designed to broadcast a specific deal or bring about a desired call to action for a limited time. You might be working your CTA into your email text already, but throwing a little graphic direction into the mix isn’t a bad idea.


10. Extend an Event Invite – Who doesn’t love being asked to go to an event? The name alone seems exciting and exclusive, and that can be a real selling point with your readers as well. Your event could be totally virtual, like an online class or live video Q&A. Maybe it’s a real-life event, like a store sale, a trade show, or some occasion that would let you interact with your customers face-to-face. Whatever the case, your email closer can serve as their ticket in.


If all of this talk has got you feeling like your email marketing strategy could use a face-lift, don’t let it get you down. Fine-tuning your plan is what we do, and we are here to help you through the process!


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Author: Christina McQuilkin

Christina helps small business owners craft content and strategies that focus less on "the sale" and more on the unparalleled value that we can bring into the lives of others.