Training #14:
Get Serious

Learn the basics of your monthly workflow and start getting serious.

Training #15:
Posts & Themes

Choose the posts and the content themes that you will use for the month.

Training #16:
Long-Form Content

Learn how to easily create long-form content and post about it on social.

Training #17:
Add Images

Learn how to create awesome images and graphics for your social media feeds.

Training #18:
Add Copy

Learn how to write compelling copy that converts leads into customers.

Training #19:
Finalize & Schedule

Learn the finishing steps and how to get your posts scheduled out automatically.

Training #20:
Engage With Others

Learn how to start getting social on social media and get more eyes on you.

Training #21:
Paid Advertising

Learn how to use paid advertising to reach more people effectively.

Training 22:
The Analytics

Learn how to track your metrics, analyze them and tweak things for the best results.

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Resources & Links

•Learn more about Facebook Marketing by reading our Facebook Cheat Sheet.


•Figure out popular keywords that will best fit your brand by using AnswerThePublic.

•Narrow down and refine your keyword options by using Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest.

• Stay in the loop about how a specific keyword is performing by using Google Trends.

• Strengthen your WordPress SEO and make your keywords more effective by using the Yoast SEO plugin.

• Make sure your website is loading quick enough by using GTmetrix.

• Get your advertising at the top of Google with a certain keyword using Google Adwords.

• Learn more about what Disrupt Ordinary can do for you in terms of your SEO by visiting our Search Engine Optimization page.

• Create high-quality videos of you or your screen using Screencast-O-Matic.

• Create high-quality videos with stock footage by using Promo by Slidely.

• Take amazing pictures for your business by using Ring Light.

• Easily create awesome and eye-catching graphics by using Canva.

• Make sure your social content is automatically scheduled and manageable by using Buffer, Later, Hootsuite, or Social Report.

• Pay to reach more people by using Facebook Ads. Setup your Facebook Pixel and Ads Manager to get started.